Australian Cancer Plan

Our opportunity to design and deliver a ground-breaking national plan to identify and address critical issues in cancer control that need collaborative, coordinated and national action.

  • https://www.canceraustralia.gov.au/australian-cancer-plan/about-the-acp

    About the ACP

    The Australian Cancer Plan will be a 10-year plan for national action underpinned by the best available evidence, expert knowledge and patient stories.

  • https://www.canceraustralia.gov.au/australian-cancer-plan/reports-and-presentations

    ACP reports and presentations

    Read reports and view presentations about the Australian Cancer Plan including the Ministerial Roundtable held in April 2021.

  • https://www.canceraustralia.gov.au/australian-cancer-plan/get-in-touch

    Get in touch

    Please email us if you have questions about the Australian Cancer Plan.

  • https://www.canceraustralia.gov.au/australian-cancer-plan/have-your-say

    Have your say

    We are consulting widely throughout the development of the plan. Find out about open consultations here.

  • https://www.canceraustralia.gov.au/australian-cancer-plan/our-need

    Our Need

    We need national action to address issues that contribute to differences in cancer incidence, and that lead to variation in cancer outcomes and experience.

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